November 25th, 2023

Eternal God, you are our God and we are your people.
You have claimed us as your own and have placed a seal on our hearts.

You nurture and sustain us in the garden of life.

Living God, we thank you for your gift of life eternal

and for all those who, having served you well,

now rest from their labours.

Today we give thanks for those who during the last twelve months

have died and entered into glory

including Marjorie, Patrick, Joan, Kevin, and those whom we hold in our hearts.

We thank you for their life and love,

and rejoice for them “all is well,

and all manner of things will be well.”

Be near to those who are grieving. Hold them.

Fill them with your comfort and peace.

Compassionate God, you attend to the wounded places of our hearts and lives,

You grieve with us in our losses and our fears.
You journey with us in our celebrations, our sorrows.

You are close even in the mundane routines of our days.
You delight in us, and you love us.

We pray for our siblings in faith in need of healing grace ….. we name them before you in the silence of our hearts.

We pray for our Households of Faith. May each family rest in your peace and be filled with your joy. May love rule in their hearts and fill their homes.

We pray for this world,
for the places and precious people

who are striving to recover from the effects of climate change.

We pray for peace among nations. May the weapons of war be laid down.
Make us instruments of that peace.

We pray for our children and our youth

that they may come to know you more fully,

growing to be all of who they have been created to be.

Give us an unwavering passion for justice,

and a tenacious faith that will not rest

until the hungry are fed,

until the oppressed find relief,

until the outsider finds welcome.

Hear us now as pray as you have taught us: Our Father.