November 12th, 2023

God, we have a lot on our hearts today. We’ve prayed prayers of lament, holding the heaviness of so many problems. We’ve prayed prayers of commitment, grasping at courage to make changes, to care in ways that matter. We want to live as your people in this world, every day. We need more strength than our own. We rely on you to fill us with love, with hope, with peace, in whatever situations we find ourselves in.

We pray for those in our midst, in our community, around the world, who struggle to find what they need to live.

We pray for those who are hungry, or homeless.

We pray for all affected by conflict, by war.

We pray for those who are grieving.

We pray for those living with illness, struggling with worries or sadness.

We pray for those facing decisions, or unwanted changes, or waiting for things beyond their control.

We pray for those supporting others.

You give us strength, God. You are the source of our life. You lead us to peace.

Thank you.

Amen. (prayer by Jane Kuepfer)