July 9th, 2023

God of sunlight and starry summer nights, we yearn to truly become the

salt and the light of the world. We yearn for there to be more love on earth.

Change our hearts and our lives that we may be more understanding

and loving to one another, ready to respond to needs.

Righteous God, we pray that there may be greater justice on earth.

May governments and public officials

make room in their priorities and budgets

for the socially marginalized, those without work,

immigrants, the poor, and the hungry.

May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

God of peace, we pray that there be more peace on earth.

May nations put an end to words of hatred

threats of revenge, and lay down the weapons of war.

We pray for peace in our hearts,

our homes, our nation, and in the world.

We pray for peace through peaceful means.

God of joy, we pray that there be more joy on earth,

May we who strive to walk in the ways of Jesus

ask questions, cultivate curiosity as we learn and

grow in faith together.

God of compassion, we pray for healing, hope, and wholeness

for ourselves and for all who are journeying painful health challenges,

We pray for the grieving,

the lonely,

the isolated,

those distanced from family or friends by miles or conflict,

and those who find life hard.

Surround us and fill us with your presence of peace.

Grace us with resilience, the capacity to wait,

tolerance for differences, and kindness in all our words and actions.

Hear our prayers which we offer you now in the silence of our hearts.

Faithful God, may there be more faith on earth,

May the fruits of our VBS labours

bear good fruit in children’s lives

and in all of our lives.

Strengthen us to serve you

with all our heart, mind and strength

in Jesus’ name. Amen