April 9th, 2023

On this bright Easter morning,

we welcome you Christ Jesus, into our lives.
We welcome your resurrection for it is
life changing, life giving , and life sustaining.
We welcome the hope it brings to our world.
We welcome the joy it brings to our darkness.
We welcome you Risen Jesus,

active and present in the world and in our lives.

Help us to grasp resurrection,
to understand its power,
to see its force at work in our world,
overturning oppressive powers,
transforming greed and selfishness within us,
moving the world slowly, persistently,
toward love and justice.

On this day of great gladness
empower us to be your Easter witnesses
proclaiming good news.
Good news in our kitchens and living rooms,
good news in our workplaces and workshops
good news in our classrooms and committees
Help us to be that good news,
walking softly on this good earth
caring gently for all people,
living with bright hope and with praise on our lips and in our hearts.

Amidst our joyous alleluia’s, we know many are struggling.

We hold in prayer all who are grieving………

the sick, the weary, the worn……..

those recovering from surgery,

those awaiting test results, or treatment…………

We pray for those journeying the shadow of death,

each one standing in need of your healing touch and wholeness……

each place in the world that is torn by war and violence…………

Risen Lord, may your resurrection give life,

May your resurrection be bright hope to the hopeless,

May your resurrection be joy to those who yearn for new life,
May your resurrection bring new possibilities.

Living God, Risen Christ, God of Easter resurrection
make us your living Church,
Your risen Church,
Your Easter Church,
we pray in the powerful name of Jesus the Christ. Amen

Holy One, you invite us to come before you, faithfully presenting our prayers and requests with thanksgiving. And we have so many reasons to lift up our voices in praise.