April 3rd, 2023

Thank you, God for your triumphal entry into our world each and every day.
The slow motion explosion of bulbs emerging from the cold earth, proclaim “Hosanna!”
Melting snow, the robin’s song, spring breezes, proclaim “Hosanna!”
The fragrance of spring in the morning air proclaims, “Hosanna!”

We join this chorus, giving you thanks and praise for who you are, for who you reveal yourself to be.

Holy One, you sent Jesus, who showed us your love for all creation and your love for us. He opened our eyes to see your kingdom come here on earth.

Forgive us when we go about our own business,
concerned with many things, oblivious to the needs of those around us,
oblivious to the call of your love in our heart.

Hosanna, we cry out today with hope.

Hope that is revealed in the face of a newborn and his parents.

Hope that is revealed through generosity of resources and time,

and willingness to serve. We ask your blessing today upon Delores as she begins a new term as Elder… and we pray for each one who has responded to the invitation grow into their gifts and serve in the coming year.

Hosanna, we cry out today, “save us,” because the world is in great need…..

Bombs dropping, innocent lives terrorized.

Environmental destruction, division between peoples and nations

Poverty, oppression, hunger…

We are tempted to despair.
Open our eyes to your entry into our world as the Prince of peace,
changing hearts, transforming our hearts, one by one,
shaping peacemakers who say no to violence, injustice, marginalization

God of great deeds, open our hearts to be your hearts,
our hands to be your hands,
our arms, to be your loving arms
for all who need your presence.

You know the people in our congregation and community standing in a place of need: those with new diagnoses, those waiting for tests or next steps, those living with chronic pain or facing ongoing treatments, or uncertain future. We pray for those recovering from surgery, those whose injuries are complex and many.We grieve with all who are grieving, and we ask you for comfort and healing.

Lord Jesus, you entered Jerusalem,

On your way to suffering and death

For the sake of our salvation.

This is the mystery and wonder of Holy Week which we now enter.

As we draw near to you,

may we not turn our eyes away

but rather bravely walk in your footsteps….

Sustain us as we move through these difficult days together.

In the power of your Spirit,

and in your name. Amen.