April 14th, 2023

Good morning WMC Family

How about this for another sunshine “summer” day? Enjoy

Sue Compton is a good friend of ours at The Gathering Church and has a beautiful skill in writing. She has written and published one novel and is in the process of having a second one published, Several weeks ago she shared the following poem with Gloria and I, and I would like to share it with you. God is at work in creation and within us as well.

And yes, I realize it may feel like the days of “Slush” are behind us; however, we are still very much in the season of Spring. May you be encouraged by this poem.

Blessings on your day.



In seasons of ice and slush
I spend too much time looking
at my feet. Cautious, worried steps
in futile attempt to avoid
wet feet and headlong plummet.

But the once-frozen stream now
babbles me awake; look up, notice
sunshine, hints of green under dead
grass and branches not yet budding
but no longer stiff frozen, hopeful
sap hidden to my eye.

If the Maker of rebirth, of
tiny bud and hard-shelled seed
cracked open, of hibernation
end and unexpected warm sunrays,
has never forgotten during
deep winter freeze,

what has been planted,
cracked open, waiting to
within my heart?

On days like this if I stand
still and alone in the wood
can I hear the sap running
to awaken fresh green life?
Or is that my own life force
rushing in my ears?

On days like this I hear
You whisper

By A. S. Compton