August 28th, 2022

God of wedding celebrations and new wine,
of love and laughter, dancing and singing,
at the wedding in Cana
your son Jesus turned water into wine,
delighting all who were there.

Transform our hearts by your Spirit,
that we may use our varied gifts and abilities,
to reflect the light of your love as one body.

When our lives run dry,
we rest in the hope that you will replenish us.
Transform our lives
and provide what we can never provide for ourselves.

We trust you to take our emptiness
and fill us with the richness of new creation in you.
We submit ourselves to your love and power
to make us into our true selves, the people you created us to be.

Listening God, we also pray for:
the sick, those living with chronic pain, the vulnerable;
those who are lonely or isolated, most especially long-term care residents who continue to deal with covid outbreaks and lockdowns.
We pray for those awaiting tests or surgery dates, and those who are journeying cancer treatment.
We pray for the discouraged, the heart-broken, and those who stand in need of healing and wholeness.
We pray for those facing major life decisions, change, and those who grieve.
God of the church,
We thank you for gifts of leadership, the grace of calling,
And for WMC’s open hearts to Niahm & Peter these past months.
Thank you for Niahm’s generous spirit, her joy, and authenticity.
Bless her richly as her learning and formation continues
And bless those whom she serves in your name.
God of compassion and grace, hold all your people within the wide embrace of your love and strengthen us to walk in your ways of justice, peace, and joy. Amen

Surround and keep safe all those in long-term care. We pray for Nithview and all other LTC homes experiencing covid outbreaks.

We pray for our Households of Faith

Bless our households of faith we pray with joy, peace, and loving relationships. May each day hold meaning and purpose and may each heart continue to be drawn to your own. Amen