August 21st, 2022

Due to rainy forecast and a family death, the campfire for tonight at Alvin & Kara’s has been cancelled/postponed.

River of Life,

You both steady and nourish our roots.

You invite us to drink from your living water.

You nourish our spirits.

As sunlight enticing us taller,

as the breeze rustling leaves,

You are with us through dry seasons of summer heat,

and through dry seasons of our lives.

You are present through seasons of abundance.

For everything there is a season..

a time for every matter under heaven….

grace us with all we need for each day,

each season,

for the trials and the joys

the challenges and the delights.

Companion us. May your love warm and sustain us.

Water us, that we may thrive.

God of peace, we offer our prayers for places in the world that are in turmoil….

There are so many places….too many to name….

We pray for parents worried about food shortages and hungry little tummies;

Those suffering under the harsh hand of corrupt political powers;

We pray for countries where bombs rain down and tanks rumble down city streets.

Listening God, we also pray for those whom you hold close within your heart,

the sick, those living with chronic illness, the vulnerable;

those who are lonely or isolated, most especially long-term care residents who continue to deal with covid outbreaks and lockdowns.

We pray for those awaiting test results, surgery dates, and those who are journeying cancer treatment. May hope burn bright!

We pray for the discouraged, the heart-broken, the fearful, the dying, and those who stand in need of healing and wholeness.

We pray for those facing major life decisions, change, and those who grieve.

Hold your people within the wide embrace of your love and strengthen us to walk in your ways of love.

For needs named and for those we hold deep in our heart, we offer our prayers in the strong name of Jesus the risen Christ. Amen

We pray for all who are caregivers for aging parents and loved ones. Restore their strength we pray.

Surround and keep safe all those in long-term care living with covid outbreaks. We pray for other LTC homes experiencing covid outbreaks.

We pray for our Households of Faith. May these summer months bring refreshment and restorative rest for mind, body, and spirit. Giving thanks for our households of faith may joy, peace, and love fill each heart and home. Amen