March 20th, 2022

Lord Jesus, our hearts are broken. The world is quaking amidst grave atrocities and disregard for human life. How your own heart must break and weep. We reach out to you amidst deep sufferings in the world you so love.

We pray for the Ukraine – the grieving, the displaced, the wounded and weary. We pray for the nation’s leaders that they may lead with wisdom, compassion, integrity. We pray for peace through peaceful means.

We pray for all people who are suffering or struggling – the hungry, the poor, the unsheltered. Hear our prayer for victims of domestic violence, those oppressed due to race, religion, clergy abuse, gender, sexual orientation. Open our eyes to see your face in all we meet.

Lord Jesus, we are grateful that as the fig tree you provide us with everything we need to bear fruit. Trees grow slowly. Fruit takes time to develop and mature. Lord, you are the gardener who cultivates and nourishes. We pray for patience to wait, openness to be pruned, that we may be more fruitful to your glory. When we resist growth or change, dig around our hearts encouraging repentance and faithfulness.

We pray for those in our community. For those living with illness, pain, grief. We pray for those recovering from surgery and those living their sunset days.

Faithful God, we give thanks that there is no place we can go where you are not already present. Continue to walk beside us, loving us, forgiving us, renewing us, upholding us and filling us with your hope, joy and love. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen

We also pray for the cares and concerns near and dear to our hearts:

We pray for measures of patience and compassion for all caring for aging parents and loved ones.

We pray for our Households of Faith. May your smile be bright upon each family. Surround each with loving relationships, meaningful work, and focus for studies. Whether at work or rest, bless their hearts and home with overflowing love. We pray for deep peace and comfort at this difficult time. May they sense they are standing on sacred ground because You God are near. Hold them close we pray. Amen