March 13th, 2022

Thank you to Jane Kuepfer for offering today’s Prayers of the People

Merciful God, we reach out to you from a world that is suffering in so many ways.

We pray for this world that you love.

We pray for the Ukraine, for those who have left their homes, for those still there, for families separated. We pray for people in other places of conflict and danger, overshadowed by this turn of attention to what is newly distressing.

For those who are vulnerable and powerless, in any corner of the world, God, bring strength, comfort, hope, justice.

For those with power, God, bring wisdom, integrity, compassion and courage to do what is right. We pray, God, that the destruction will end, that life will be cherished, that the precious resources of this planet will be protected and not wasted.

We pray too for those in our own community today. For those for whom life is hard – those living with illness, pain, grief, change, struggles – we pray. And for those in our community of faith, especially our households of faith for this week. We are grateful for one another.

Finally, for the church, your body, your people, here in this world. We need your mercy and your grace to climb out of the past and live into the future. Breathe your spirit of life into your people and into your beloved world.

Mold our hearts to respond in love, to live in faith and to further your ways.

Cover this world with your strong wings.

Walk beside us each day.

We pray as those seeking to follow and learn from you.


We also pray for the cares and concerns near and dear to our hearts.

We pray for measures of patience and compassion for all caring for aging parents and loved ones.

We pray for our Households of Faith. May your smile be bright upon each family. Surround each with loving relationships, meaningful work, and focus for studies. Whether at work or rest, bless their hearts and home with overflowing love. Amen