April 21st, 2021

Tomorrow April 22 is Earth Day. In praise and thanksgiving for Creation offered to each of us by our Creator, let us call to mind how we depend on and care for our common home:

  • How do we return to the Earth the love, care, and sustainment we receive from it?
  • How can we better attend to the needs of one another through our attention to creation?

Let us pray,

God, Creator of All, we offer our prayer in gratitude and humility that we might heed your call to care for one another through our care of the least, the lowest and the most vulnerable of all your blessed creation. Grant, we pray, the courage to speak on behalf of the soft soil under our feet, the running and still waters, the warmth of the sun on our face, and all the crawling, flying and swimming creatures you love. May our courage to speak translate into actions that protect our planet – so that our children and their children might enjoy the fruits of what we sow. In your name, we pray…

WMC Missions Committee encourages us to take action this week, caring for creation in our own neighbourhoods.