April 18th, 2021

Risen Christ, the light of your love shines on, illuminating the places where you are present.  As disoriented and bewildered disciples pondered the stories of your appearance, you penetrated the darkness of their fear and doubt with your word of peace.  You showed them the marks of evil and violence that pierced your hands and your feet. You opened their minds to understand how through your death you defeated evil and death. Increase our understanding, we pray. Open our minds and hearts to receive you.

Bring to us O God, a sense of your living presence as we go into this new week. Renew in us the faith you want us to have, the faith that is not afraid to reach out in your name, the faith that assures us you are walking with us and will provide all that we need for the living of these days…

All-knowing God, you know our hearts, you know our needs, you know the deep sufferings of the world….

We pray for our world’s suffering amidst global pandemic. Strengthen front-line workers, grant patience as vaccines are rolled out, comfort the grieving, and strengthen the weak. Grace us with deep patience and resilience for this continued hard journey. May the sound of your steps by our side grant us strength and courage.

Compassionate God we pray for all who grieve. May our Easter faith which proclaims death and suffering is never the final thing, be a source of solace and hope.

Listening God, hear our prayers for all who stand in need of hope, healing and wholeness.

Hear our prayers for those whose needs we carry deep in our hearts.

We also pray for our households of faith.

May your love and care surround them day to day.

May each day be filled with deep joy, contentment and gratitude.    

Eternal God, as your gathered and scattered body, guide us each day. Deepen our awareness of places that are shimmering with your grace, compassion, your presence of peace. May we be bold to join you in your mission. Lord Jesus, help us each day to bear witness to your name and to do that which you are calling us to. We pray in your name. Amen.