March 28th, 2021

               It is relatively easy for us to find someone to go and gather palm leaves to spread in the church today. And we can easily find music and a few good words to help us to remember and re-enact Palm Sunday. We remember how quickly we change. How fickle we are, how we pledge our devotion one moment and turn our backs the next. We go from shouting “Hosanna! Save Us!” to “Crucify Him.”

 We declare that we love our neighbors and then we turn our backs on the homeless and hungry in our communities. We speak up for change and justice in one breath, and then continue unjust practices in daily lives by what we consume and the needs we ignore.

What if we knew the imminence of the danger that accompanies You or sensed that the authorities were watching us as we worship, as they watched You. What if You arrived, inviting us to really lay down something important to us to acknowledge Your arrival? How then, Jesus, would we meet You today. And what would we spread before You? And how would we regard humility from the One we hope will save the world?

On this Palm Sunday, Jesus give us hope. Help us to see how and where You enter our world today, and what You ask us to lay at your feet, and how we may welcome You in.

Listening God today we raise our “Hosanna’s!” “Save us!”

God of healing and wholeness, we confess our need for you today. Hear our prayer for all who stand in need of healing, hope, and wholeness and those whose needs we carry deep in our hearts …………..

Hear our prayers for all who grieve.

Hear our prayers for our loved ones in long term care and families providing support safely distanced. 

We pray for those struggling with anxiety, loneliness, mental illness, and loved ones who support them.

We pray for patience as we wait our turn for vaccination. Comfort all affected by covid, the sick, front-line workers, government officials, and those who grieve.

Hear our prayers for our Households of Faith.

As we journey Holy Week, draw near to us as we draw near to You. Amen