March 24th, 2021

During this 5th week of Lent, like a seed that falls into the earth, we are called to deep growth. We are invited to release the attachments that prevent us from growing and producing fruit. We ask God to free us and renew us in the deepest part of ourselves – the soil of our hearts.
Let us pray:

Mothering God,
who created Earth
and formed
rhythms and seasons
and cycles:
I celebrate the
coming of spring once again.

As the warming sun
melts frozen earth into
mud and snowdrops bloom,
emerald moss invites me
to lay down my head
and listen to earth’s heartbeat.
Give me pause here,
God of mystery,
to stop and ponder
what lies beneath.

Do not let me turn away
from examining the unseen
places deep within.
What secrets are hidden there?
What wisdom have you planted,
what seeds of
transformation are just waiting
for the right conditions?

Make of me a fertile soil
where spring’s eternal
lessons of regeneration
might take root and grow:
death is not the end
of the story, but rather
the place of new beginnings.
(by Wendy Janzen Burning Bush Forest Church)