March 31st, 2021

As we follow Jesus into Holy Week, we sense the rush of the crowds and seek the deep, steady current of God’s steadfast love, calling us to deep hope in the One who comes in the name of the Lord.

God of passion and life,
this is a week of
conflicting emotions,
We have come to a bend in the river, a turning
in the narrative,
a juxtaposition of celebration
and impending sorrow.

We too feel the strangeness
of life sometimes weighed
down with the stresses of
pandemic life, yet dotted
with joy and hope.
We pray for moments
of relief, for times of
pleasure in life even
in the face of challenge.

Like a river in spring
that sometimes overflows
her banks, flooding the
surrounding lowlands,
may love and joy overflow
in the low places
in our lives. May we
delight in your never
ceasing goodness,
bubbling and dancing
like water flowing over rocks and obstacles.

Pull us deeper into your
current of life,
a river that is wide
with mercy and justice,
a river that carries
the full range of emotion,
a river that ebbs and flows
but never ceases.
(prayer by Wendy Janzen Burning Bush Forest Church)

Have a blessed Holy Week,
Pastor Kara