December 17th, 2023

Holy God, as we together light the candle of JOY, we choose to celebrate.

Good news! The Holy One, God Almighty, claims us as His very own!
Rejoice in the Lord!
Good news! The times of trouble are nearly over!
Rejoice in the Lord, always!
Good news!

God is in our midst, ready to renew us with holy love!
Rejoice in the Lord, always! Again we say rejoice!
Good news! The peace of the Lord will dwell in our hearts!
We lift up our hearts in thanksgiving. Thanks be to God!

Move us, Joyful God, take our hands and lead us in your dance of creation.
When we are uncertain, guard our hearts with your peace.
When our steps falter, surround us with the strength of your Spirit.
Guide us, Awesome and Powerful God,

until we are move and sing with the joy of your salvation.
In the name of Emmanuel, God with us, we pray. (adapted from wordpress)

(take a moment in silence to give praise for God’s work and presence in your life)

Awesome God, we give praise for your faithful work and presence in our lives, for the gift of life for each day, for the joy of community, for family and friends, and for the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We rejoice for the evidence of healing and restoration in lives, both physically and in their spirit. God, continue to work out your will in and through us.

O God we also lift up to you those in our community and families who are grieving, who are struggling in loneliness and fear, and those who desire renewal and healing. Jesus, touch their bodies; Holy Spirit move with power and comfort; O God, we give you praise. During this season of advent, we also pray for the Peace of Christ to descend on us as individuals, on our families, community and on our world where war rages. Lord Jesus have mercy.