December 24th, 2023

As we remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, this weekend, I invite you to pray the following prayer for peace in the Holy Land.

O God of life and love and peace,

We witness the violence and injustice in your Holy Land

And our hearts break.

Our hearts break for the people of Israel –

For the victims of violent attacks by Hamas

For those who live with fear and insecurity

For those who suffer from the inter-generational

trauma of violence.

Our hearts break for Palestinians –

For the victims of violent attacks by the Israeli military

For those in the West Bank under attacks from Jewish settlers

For those being denied water, electricity and medical care

For those who are refugees, long displace from their homes.

We especially pray –

That weapons of war be laid down, that walls of separation be dismantled

That prisoners of war be released, that demonizing of “the other” cease

That political leaders seek the good of all people in

Palestine and Israel.

O God, whose heart breaks for the world,

May your justice dwell in the land

May your righteousness abide in fruitful fields

May the effect of righteousness be quietness and trust forever

May the effect of justice be peace – enduring peace.


(Mennonite Central Committee)

O God we give you praise for sending Jesus to live and walk among us in human form, for the gift of salvation, and for now your presence in our lives through the Holy Spirit. God, continue to give us strength to live with hope, to strive for peace, and to allow your joy and love to fill us and flow through us to others we come in contact with. Help us to be candles of light in a dark world.

God we also pray that you would bring healing to all who are wounded by loss, fear, and grief. Grant physical healing to many in our community here at WMC and may your grace renew hearts and minds. We give you thanks.