May 21st, 2023

Good and gracious God, teach us what it means to be strong and immovable in our faith. Guide us to live lives to the fullest of our capacities and gifts, all for your glory. May our words and actions be seasoned with grace and kindness, compassion and empathy. Nurture the good fruit of peace and generosity, self-control and joy in our lives and in your church.

When life is difficult, as it can be at times due to emotional, physical or relational pain, stressors of family life, work or school we confess, we don’t always show up our best selves. Forgive us when we harm others from our unhealed wounds and grant us a forgiving spirit toward those who do us harm. Restore us to wholeness. Heal and transform our brokenness into wisdom and gracious living. Foster in us a forgiving and obedient spirit ready to share the love of Jesus with all whom we share life.

God of the journey, make us strong and firmly rooted as we are being transformed by your love and care for us. Let the distractions of greed, selfishness, pride never take root in our thoughts or hearts. May we discern your voice and truth above all other voices in our lives. Grant us strength amidst suffering and perseverance and resilience to withstand the forces that lure us away from your good way.

God of peace, we pray for those who suffer due to war and violence; those displaced due to wildfire or floods. We pray for children who are hungry and parents unable to provide. We pray wisdom for world leaders and lasting peace that comes from making justice.

Listening God, we also bring our needs in prayer.

Be with the lonely, comfort the grieving and those who are journeying hard paths.

Grant deep peace for those living with anxiety, worries, or addiction.  

Heal those recovering from surgery.

Grant patience for those receiving treatment or awaiting test results.

We pray for those living with increased physical limitations,

and those journeying the shadow of death.

May your comfort and presence of peace draw near.

Faithful God, gather us into the warmth and security of your embrace,

and the stronghold of your love.

These things we pray in the name of Jesus

who taught us to pray saying…Our Father……