February 12th, 2023

Lord Jesus,

You call us to radical discipleship.

You challenge us to forgive, to love our enemies,

to bless those who curse us.

But oh, how often we choose the easy way,

of retaliation or revenge,

grudge-holding, unforgiveness,

a path that leads to bitterness and brokenness.

But you, Lord Jesus have given us a life-giving path.

A path that stretches us beyond ourselves.

A path that reveals our deepest pains and every growing edge.

A path which you accompany us on, each and every step.

Grant us the patience and endurance to journey with You,

to allow ourselves at times to stumble,

to live into the hard way

to be open to transformation through your Spirit,

so that we might fully experience

Your love and grace and peace in this world,

becoming a people full of mercy and grace

loving, forgiving.

When we have been careless with our words that cannot be unspoken,

reckless with actions that cannot be undone,

and it is I, it is us that is known as enemy…..

forgive us,

grant us humility, the grace of accountability,

the light of your love that illumines our shadows.

Set us on solid ground where your mercy abounds.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Compassionate God, the cries of the suffering and dying,

in Turkey and Syria rise with desperation.

So many lives lost. So many injured and maimed.

Comfort those whose family members and friends have died.

Inspire generosity in the global community

to give the resources needed to help communities rebuild,

to heal, to live in safety.

Oh God in your mercy, hear our prayers.

We also bring our prayers and needs before you. For those living with grief, pain, struggle, we pray. For those awaiting test results, surgery or recovering from surgery, and those awaiting brighter days, we pray. And for those in our community of faith, especially our households of faith for this week, we pray. We are grateful for one another.

We are grateful for the bounty with which we live and the opportunities to live generously. Thank you for decision making regarding our spending plan for the coming year. Guide conversations today, remind us that we are stewards of all you provide.

For the church, your body, your people, here in this world, we need your mercy and your grace to walk in your ways. Breathe your Spirit of life upon your people and into your beloved world. Walk closely beside us each day. We pray as those seeking to follow your way of discipleship. Amen