October 30th, 2022

Eternal God,

you are the maker of us all, and we are your creation,

people formed in your image, as individuals and community,

fed, nourished, and strengthened at your table of grace.

We worship you today in recognition of your calling,

of your caring to invite us to share in your creative and healing work.

We are here because we have heard you speak in and amongst us.

Help us, Lord, to ever serve you with all our hearts, minds, and strength.

God of all our moments, of our days and our nights,

you speak and you act in the world around us,

not only to call all people to you,

but also to direct and guide us in the way of healing and wholeness.

Awaken us Lord, to hear what you would say to us.

Open our ears, our eyes, and our hearts to your presence.

Help us to know when it is your voice we are hearing

and when it is our prejudices or desires to which we are paying heed….

Lord, we pray that your church may rise up with renewed commitment

in answer to your call,

that your people may be instruments of your grace and love,

invitational, open, inclusive.

We pray for those who are hurting and for those whom life is hard.

Comfort the grieving…

Grant patience to those who await appointments or test results

Hold with hope those who are living with unexpected diagnoses

Provide strength to those who struggle with declining health

Keep the weary close to your heart

We also pray with celebration the joys of life…..

Life shared with family and friends at the table…

Good food, laughter, a meaningful connection

We are thankful for purposeful work….

Loving relationship….

Meaningful encounters…

Amidst our joys and sorrows

You come…. You weep with those who weep

You celebrate with those who celebrate.

Grant us deep measures of care for one another

As we journey the ups and downs…

Unknowns and new beginnings

Lord hear our prayer….

Bless us and all those committed to continue the work of Jesus,

who came to heal, save, and teach us how to live and how to love,

and who taught us to pray as one family, saying…

Our Father….

We pray for our loved ones who are experiencing limitations due to aging bodies including loved ones in long-term care. Support each family and grant deep measures of compassion and patience.

As flu and covid infections have increased this fall, we pray for wisdom and patience . Protect the vulnerable. Bring about recovery and complete healing for all those who are suffering and provide strength and compassion for health care professionals.

We pray for our households of faith. We give thanks for each person and their giftedness. Draw near to each as they draw nearer to you. Meet them at their deepest places of need. We pray for healthy balance amidst full schedules, joy in relationships, and peace that holds them secure in your love.

We offer all our prayers in Jesus’ name. Amen