January 30th, 2022

Giver of every good and perfect gift, you tend to the earth as your vineyard, longing for it to bring fruit. You desire society and our lives to look more and more like the Kingdom of Heaven.

We confess, at times we work against your plans, sometimes by what we do, and sometimes by what we leave undone. We abuse the land, take advantage of the weak, and turn a blind eye to the poor.

We confess, we struggle to give back to you from the bounty of gifts your hand provides, worrying we will not have enough. In response, we hold tightly for ourselves and for our family. Remind us again that you have blessed us to be a blessing to others. Free us from that which we do not want to see in ourselves, free us for more generous living. Free us to see as Jesus sees.

We thank you for the joy of community – growing together in faith, practicing our faith, making decisions, praising you together. Thank you for providing leadership, a shared mission and vision, and abundant gifts to minister together congregationally as we endeavour to do you will.

As a community we rejoice with those who rejoice and grieve with those who grieve. We strive to share your love with one another through prayer, words of encouragement, and compassion.

Today we pray for those facing significant decisions, those who stand in need of healing, hope, and wholeness, and all who are struggling from loneliness and isolation.

We pray for peace in the world – for peaceable negotiations between nations, leaders, and peoples. We pray especially for escalating tensions between Russian and Ukraine.

We pray for the most vulnerable, and for the strength and resilience we need for the living of these pandemic days.

Surround and keep safe our loved ones in long-term care including our Aldaview friends. Strengthen them in mind, body, and spirit.

We pray for those who struggle with mental illness, anxiety, and addiction and those who love them. May all those who are struggling receive the care and support they need.

We also pray for our Households of Faith. May each household be held in peace and strength, experience fulfillment in their work, and joy in their relationships.  For your faithful presence, your listening presence, your sustaining presence, we offer all of our prayers with thanksgiving in the name of Jesus. Amen.