February 28th, 2021

Covenant-making God, we give you thanks for the example of Abraham & Sarah and for all our forefathers and foremothers who have gone before us –

for those who waited in patience for your promises to come to pass –

for those who lived in hope while around them it seemed to be only darkness,

for those who forgot their own selves in their desire to obey your commands and respond to your call upon their lives.

 Gracious God, walk with us this Lenten season, as we practice self-examination and look seriously at our resistance to talk about suffering, the cross and about sacrifice; our reluctance to give up the things of this world – to risk our reputations, our comfort, and our security for the sake of following you.

Transforming God, make us bold in our faith as we live into deep commitment. Through self-sacrificial love and self-denial, help us make visible to all our brothers and sisters the reality of your power and care – that power and care that is so often made evident when we confess our weakness – and so often concealed from others when we are strong….. 

                Compassionate God, we pray for those whose needs we hold deep in our hearts….

members of our congregation who are facing health challenges, awaiting surgery, or treatments.

We hold in prayer our loved ones including family members in long-term care and residing in assisted living.  We pray for those who are grieving……

all those struggling with mental health challenges, isolation, anxiety, and their families

We pray for front-line and essential workers,

teachers, students and administrators rolling out ever-changing policies

and all those who are facing struggles, challenges, and emotional or relational pain…

               We also pray for our households of faith.

Listening God, we also pray for ourselves, asking for the stamina and resilience to continue this covid journey. Many of us are weary. We miss our family and friends. We miss routine and freedoms and yet we are aware that we each have an important role to stop the spread of infection. Continue to journey with us, providing enough patience, and strength, and bright hope. Refresh us for the journey ahead. Draw near to us as we draw near to you. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen