February 24, 2021

As we continue to live into this Lenten’s theme “deep calls to deep” we are reflecting upon how God calls us to go deeper in our relationships.
Let us pray,

From the depths
of our souls we call out
to the Source of all being;
deep calls to Deep,
hear our cries.
We are born of water,
watery wombs hold us
then spill us out into
this world of light.

At times – like now – it is easy
to feel like life has us
in over our heads.
We are treading water and
growing very weary.
The vastness of the sea,
with no shore in sight,
waves and storms,
sea monsters, real or imagined,
all threaten us.

Buoy us, O Presence.
Preserve us from the storms,
have compassion on us,
embrace us with mercy.
Hold us, so that we might stop
our striving, at least for a bit,
catch our breath,
regain our strength,
find hope in our waiting.
Calm our weary souls
that we might find true rest.

when the time is right
invite us to dive beneath
the surface,
down to the deep,
and discover the
treasure that awaits.
(prayer by Wendy Janzen, Burning Bush Forest Church)