January 24th, 2021

God of Life, we are the church united as we pray from different locations,
connected through something more marvellous than technology–
your Spirit filling us with life and hope and vision.

We come before you with thanksgiving.

Thank you for the many kindnesses we have experienced
in this time of physical distancing:

neighbours connecting with one another,

some households learning about togetherness,
others learning new quieter rhythms.

Thank you for the joy of good food, the beauty of music.

this winter season which delights with its 

Pink-hued sunsets, icy patches for skating, and the brilliance of cardinals.

We thank you for sustaining life deep in the root systems of barren trees which in due season will bring forth new life… In this winter season, we give thanks there is new life even now that waits to be….  

As we offer our thanks we also come together with lament;

this virus has caused so much loss of life around the world.
So many suffer, so many families grieve,
10 months in and we are weary and we don’t know when it will end.
We lament the financial burdens of this pandemic,
and that it has fallen heavily on the poorest,
with inequalities standing out more sharply than usual.

We lament the loneliness and fear experienced

amongst the most vulnerable especially those who reside long-term care.

We lament that children are not in classrooms,

and how deeply they are missing their friends and routines.

Listening God, we pray for front-line and essential workers.

Keep them safe and strong, fill them with extra measures of compassion

As they care for the sick and families at a distance.

Strengthen parents who are home schooling while juggling work loads.

We pray for government officials and local health units

working hard to get immunizations into people’s arms.

Grant us all the grace of waiting our turn,

the grace of gentleness amidst challenging time, the grace of loving kindness toward one another.

We pray for our congregational leadership, treasurers,

And Stewardship and Finance committee as

we prepare for our annual financial meeting next week.

Generous God, we thank you that you have unleashed

generosity amongst us in order to further your mission.

We pray your blessing upon the ministries of this congregation

and the finances that support each one.  

May we be wise stewards of all that you have blessed us with.

God of comfort hear our prayer for the sick, the weak, the lonely, the grieving and all who stand in a place of need. And all of our loved ones who reside in long-term care or congregate settings. Keep them safe, encourage their spirits, protect them and surround them with loving kindness.  Grant grace and strength to their families at this difficult time.  We pray for those whose needs we carry in our hearts. We pray for families supporting loved ones from a distance due to covid restrictions. May connections be meaningful and care run deep.

                We also pray for our Households of Faith.

                Fill their hearts and home with your love and grace and encourage them each new day. Keep them safe and well.

                Encourage them we pray as they look forward to the time when they can be together again with family and friends. Keep them safe and well.

Fill them with peace and care for them and their family as they cope with school and work. Keep them safe and well.

 Jesus, walk with us this week. We trust in you, because you have been with us, showing us the faithful path in good times and bad, We are grateful you are faithful to remain with us. Amen.