July 26, 2020

GOD over the last week we have witnessed your presence in the weather and in our environment. We
have seen your power in the winds and the rains. We are also starting to reap the benefits of what we
have sown in the garden. Again another reminder that your creation is alive and abounding in our
environment and world. Despite these troubled times with COVID we do not have to look far for signs
of your presence.

I am reminded about the time that you were in the boat with the disciples and the seas became wild.
You calmly rebuked the seas and things returned to normal. Much like the disciples we get anxious,
confused and a host of other emotions. I am sure that in this time of Pandemic we have all felt a gamut of emotions. We need to recognize that they are real and raw. We may feel like the disciples that our boat is rocking and waving and there is no end in sight other than potential peril. There appears to be no concrete answers yet in this time of Pandemic. For every question asked it brings up 2-3 more questions which may make us feel even more confused. And yet your presence, love and
encouragement are all around us. I pray that as followers of you we look for you and name our fears
and then recognize you have sent us support. I know I have felt it in this past week in our vegetable
garden, in the fierceness and then calmness the storm last Sunday, in the rivers that run calm and then fast when running over rapids, in the tiny yet colourful birds that land on a stalk of grass, in the beautiful sunsets and colourful skies.

God forgive us when we lose sight of your presence all around us and become self-centred, nervous and anxious. In this time of Pandemic challenge let’s lift our eyes and look for the signs that are truly all around us. When we do see these signs I think we can actually find strength to forge on as well as be servants of you again.

Thank you God for being beside us and calming our raging seas. Thank you for your presence in
everything around us when we finally lift our eyes and look. My prayer and challenge for all of us is that we take the time to look for and identify God’s presence and love that is all around us.

May we take the time to look…..God Bless .