June 17, 2020

Good morning!

These past months have held many challenges as well as opportunities as we have responded and adapted amidst a global pandemic.Through congregational conversations over the past months a number of concerns have been voiced. In response, WMC Elders have planned for a series of virtual panel discussions. While these offerings will not address all that we carry, they are a platform to provide information as well as prompt further discussion.

Here is a note from Dan Lebold, WMC Elder and facilitator of our first panel discussion:

From input from our WMC family we (WMC Elders) have begun to put together Virtual Panel discussions around how COVID has affected us. The first of these Virtual Panel discussion topics is “COVID and Finances.” Jamie Gerber joined the panel and provided some very informative answers to financial questions posed to him during the COVID crisis. As many of you know Jamie currently works in the financial industry and has some insights from that perspective. Jamie has also been a pastor for 17 years and looks at finances from a faith perspective as well. Thank you to Jamie for his valuable financial/ faith input and energies in being a part of this first Virtual Panel Discussion. We trust you will find it relative and informative for these challenging times. Stay tuned for further Panel discussions.“