February 4th, 2024

Dear God thanks so much again for hearing our prayers. We all come with different concerns, challenges and requests. Sometimes we see challenging times coming and sometimes they meet us when we least expect it. We often feel alone and weak and feel like we are all by ourselves in our challenges. Forgive us for being slow learners as we know you have always been right there by our side. That being said it does not always lighten the emptiness load and anguish we feel when we meet these challenges. As We flip another calendar page in this new year of 2024 ,we recognize to that time passes and we age. Aging brings more physical challenges and limitations. We ask for strength as we hit these milestones. We cling to Deuteronomy 3: 18 “the LORD goes before you and he will be with you; he will never leave you or forsake you. Do NOT be afraid , do not be discouraged.”

We also give you thanks for the beautiful GOD moments you provide. For friendships past and present, the weddings, the new born, changing goals and moving on. Thank you so much for those times of joy and new life. We recognize these as gifts from you.

We ask that you continue to be part of our current time of transition here at WMC. We are thankful for those pastors and leaders that have come before us. We know you have empowered them to lead us here at WMC. As we look forward, we are excited about potential opportunities for new leadership. We ask for patience for the anxiety that me created by time like this. We also ask for wisdom as we as a congregation and leadership will require for looking ahead as to our future here at WMC. Thank you for all the gifts you have bestowed on each acting member here at WMC. Gifts that have allowed us to continue to work thru this transition.