April 23rd, 2023

–As the song writer pens,

We are pilgrims on a journey

We are travellers on the road

We are here to help each

Walk the mile and bear the load.

We praise you Holy One for revealing the power of your love

that breaks through our limited expectations, our narrow understandings,

your love that removes every stone

that entombs us with fear, despair, pain.

Thank you, Lord Jesus that you come alongside us on the road of faith

and for the power and presence of the Holy Spirit

as we share life together.

When we engage in conversations of faith, study of scripture,

bread and cup, caring and forgiving,

reveal yourself anew as the God whom even death could not hold.  

Forgive us when we put others in boxes.

Free us from our own confining life-denying boxes.

Open our eyes to your presence.

Open our hearts to your mystery.

From gentle flicker to blazing flame,

may our hearts burn within as we encounter your risen presence.

In response to yesterday’s Earth Day, we pray:

Creator God, majestic maker

we sit in awe and wonder.

We listen to the breath of earth and the song of heaven.

Let the skies sing for joy,

and the earth join its chorus.
Let us listen to the oceans thunder

and watch the fields join in praise

Let the weeds in pavement cracks sing out,

every tree, forgotten sprout..

May we be faithful stewards of your good earth,

Forgive us when we fail and stumble.

                      (please take a few minutes to check out this video from Rockway Collegiate’s Single-Use Plastics

Video:  https://youtu.be/qKCTGjqq2N0   

Listening God, we offer our prayers for one another:

Our households of faith this week: the Miller family, the Nafziger families.

We pray for those who grieve………

the sick, the weary,

those facing physical limitations due to aging bodies,  

those recovering from surgery, awaiting surgery,

those awaiting test results, or treatments…………

We pray for those journeying the shadow of death,

And all who stand in need of your healing touch and wholeness……

May your resurrection give life,

May your resurrection give hope to the hopeless,

May your resurrection give joy to those who yearn for new life,
May your resurrection bring new possibilities.

We pray in the name of the one whose footsteps we seek to follow and who taught us to pray:

Our Father who art in heaven,