June 12th, 2022

Good and gracious God,

You created with a word and declared “it is good.”

We bask in the beauty of your creation…

We hear the bird’s song… the rustling of leaves

We feel the warmth of the sun…

We are grateful for the refreshment of rain.

Thank you for growing seasons

Long daylight hours,

Seeds sprouting, lawns lush

Water ways, lakes, streams

Creeks and rivers.

We are grateful for the laughter of children,

Playfulness and spontaneity

We are grateful for our teens,

Growing, wings stretching

We celebrate these special milestones

Markers of new beginnings, growth, adventure


We are grateful for the bright celebrations of life

Birthdays, and special anniversaries,

Graduations, and more

We are grateful to be together,

To Worship, praise, care deeply,

To walk with one another….

Through the grief, through the pain,

Through uncertainties

We also pray for peace where war rages on.

May world leaders respond to

Russia and the Ukraine with wisdom, integrity.

We pray for those you hold especially close

Those who are living with illness,

Those dealing with change,

Those who are lonely, or heartbroken.

Hold their hearts secure within your own and help us to be generous with your love.

For needs named and for those we hold deep in our heart, we offer our prayers in the strong name of Jesus the risen Christ. Amen

We pray for all who are caregivers for aging parents and loved ones.

We pray for our Households of Faith
. May energy abound as the school year wraps up. May each experience joy, peace and the love of God. Amen