May 15th, 2022

This morning we dedicated our new worship book Voices Together.

The following two prayers were shared during this morning’s worship.

We are people who must sing you,

for the sake of our very lives.

You are a God who must be sung by us,

for the sake of your majesty and honor.

and so we thank you,

for lyrics that push us past our reasons,

for melodies that break open our givens,

for cadences that locate us home,

beyond all our safe places,

for tones and tunes that open our lives beyond control

and our futures beyond despair.

We thank you for the long parade of mothers and fathers

who have sung you deep and true;

we thank you for the good company

of artists, poets, musicians, cantors, and instruments

that sing for us and with us, toward you.

We are witnesses to your mercy and splendor;

we will not keep silent…. ever again. Amen

Great Physician,

you touched the lives of the sick and the troubled;

your hands rested on bodies in crisis;

your words soothed broken hearts.

We call on you today, O God,

because we need your healing.

Where we have pain, bring relief.

When we are disoriented, bring clarity.

When we confront disease or brokenness, bring healing.

When we wait for tests or news, bring patience.

When we live with barriers, bring courage.

When we are bound by addiction, bring freedom.

When illness separates us from others, bring friendship.

When we cannot make ends meet, help us.

You are with us in loneliness, bringing comfort.

You are with us in despair, bringing hope.

You are the God who cares and heals. Amen (VT #976)

We pray for all who are caregivers for aging parents and loved ones.

We pray for all who grieve. Continue to draw near to the broken-hearted with comfort and peace.

Surround and keep safe our loved ones in long-term care.

For needs that have been named and for those which we carry deep in our hearts we pray.

We pray for our Households of Faith. May their work be fulfilling and may joy be their strength with each new day.

We pray for strength and much joy. AMEN