January 2nd, 2022

We come to adore you, little one. We come on bended knee with hopeful hearts, and eyes stretched wide with wonder and awe. The gentleness of your gaze draws us into the mystery of all that lies beyond, and in that place of falling into joy, we yield all that we are to you.

We pray…..

for those who are broken, those who seek, the trembling, and the rumbling tummies, those without a home, the haggard spirits and the ragged lives, and those whose hearts pine for love or the lost.

We pray for our Households of Faith:

We give thanks for all the ways each of these families share God’s love, for the ways they generously contribute to congregational life, community life, and enrich the lives of those they encounter day by day. Bless each with good health, peace and contentment, joy and fulfillment each day.

We also pray for those whose needs we hold deep in our hearts…………

Protect our loved ones in long-term care amidst tighter pandemic restrictions. Keep them safe and secure in your love.

We pray with thanksgiving for your generosity moving in and amongst us – for faithful weekly tithes and offerings and the generous response that furthers the work of the church across the street and around the world. Bless the many ministries that are supported as we give of ourselves, our gifts, talents, and our money.

We pray for all who are grieving this Christmas season. Grant peace and comfort.

We also pray for wisdom and strength for all leaders charged with oversight and policy as covid infection rates soar. Help us to remember that human suffering is more than a number or daily statistic. We pray for the sick, those who grieve, the isolated, and the fearful. Continue to strengthen and uphold front-line workers, all who work and learn in classrooms, and provincial and national leaders. Be near to us and our loved ones as we continue to journey through this difficult time together. While we are receiving booster vaccinations, we pray for those in the world who continue to await their first vaccination. We pray for justice and equitable world-wide response amidst this global pandemic. As the privileged according to world standards, may we be humble, aware of our North American privilege, and be faithful in prayer, care, and compassion.

Bless us, O Lord, whom we adore, and turn our faces ever toward you. We pray for peace, for mercy, for the sake of all that is holy. We come to adore you, O Christ. Amen