December 19th, 2021

Listening God,

as we continue on our Advent journey,

we acknowledge many ways we already filled up with waiting.

Waiting to hear the next report of bad news;

another mass shooting, another refugee crisis,

another famine, another environmental disaster,

another Covid outbreak, another variant.

The news is a litany of things to fear

that fills our heads with dread.

We wait for your help.

Remind us of Mary and Joseph,

ordinary people living in a country

under the boot of an oppressive regime,

who believed in your salvation,

holding on to hope against hope.

We hold on to you believing in your ability

to be born again even in times like these.

Give us eyes to see your arriving,

as we do the hard work of being kind and generous

in the rough and tumble of family life.

Give us ears to hear your arriving as we hear prophets proclaim good news

that the powerful will be brought down

and those who live in poverty will rejoice

We long to touch the hem of your garment

so that those we know who are sick

could be healed…………

Be present with loved ones in long-term care.

We pray for our Households of Faith.

May your love be born anew in each heart. May your blessing be poured out upon each.

We pray for all who are grieving. May your comfort hold them.

We long to taste your good news!

In this season of growing darkness,

keep our eyes fixed on the pinpoints of light

that shine and shine

because nothing can put them out.

In the name of Jesus, our hope we pray. Amen