November 17th, 2021

This Sunday is Eternity Sunday, an occasion to reflect upon the eternal reign of God and remember those who have passed on to God’s eternal love this past year.
In preparation for Sunday’s service let us join our hearts in prayer as provided by Carol Penner: :

Eternal God,
thank you for the things that do not end:
the wind swirling around the globe,
the sea rocking back and forth in its seabed,
the sun rising and setting as we spin through space.
Thank you for all the transient things we know;
the frost on the window,
the clouds in their majestic sailing beauty,
the grass that flourishes for a season and withers,
our own breath.
All this from your hands.
On this Eternity Sunday we come with grieving hearts,
for some of us are missing loved ones.
We feel the ache of love unanchored,
of words we can no longer speak,
of arms we can no longer embrace.
We turn to you in trust that you are the keeper of souls.
Hold our dear ones safe, and give to us
the assurance of life unseen, and memories that comfort.
Keep alive the love we shared, and multiply it.
Give us love for the whole earth, every part of it,
love which we cannot contain,
but which can flow through us,
in mysterious and wonderful ways.
Help us this week to be channels of your love:
where there is injury, let us bring healing,
where there is want, help us share,
where there is injustice, solidarity,
where there is despair, hope.
You hear the concerns of our community,
and we lift up especially_________
We pray all this to you, Lord of Life,
knowing that you can grant us all rest,
eternal rest. You grant us rest. Amen