August 29th, 2021

Let me encourage you to pray the following simple prayer this week as you start each day…. may you experience God’s amazing peace.

This day, God, may I dream your dreams;

This day, God, may I reflect your love;

This day, God, may I do your work;

This day, God, may I taste your peace.

                    Voices Together #313

God of every place, some of us see you today from mountains of joy and confidence,

mountains of gratitude and praise.

Some of us seek you today from valleys of grief or doubt, valleys of loss or exhaustion.

And in all places, you are there with us, nudging us onward.

When we descend from the heights, show us your presence on the ground.

When we rise from the depths, show us the light of your way.

Meet us all on the path made by Jesus.

                     Voices Together #859

God, today we lift the people of Haiti as they strive to overcome the impact of the recent earthquake. Bring healing to those who were injured; comfort those who are grieving the death of loved ones; may Your peace surround and lift those who are living in fear; Lord, protect those who are desperately working to provide care, food, and clean water to those in need. We give you thanks.

We pray also for MCEC congregations, Famille Assemblée de la Grâce , Anjou, QC and Ma Destineé, Montreal, QC, as they pray for family and friends in Haiti. Grant them courage and faith.

[You may wish to respond with a donation through MCC Canada who will be working with local partners to provide assistance where needed most.]

Sometimes we struggle to know how to pray for the country of Afghanistan. We grieve for people who continue to wait, hoping to flee to safety. We cry out to you Father for the women and children that today are living in fear of the Taliban, and the repression that potentially lies ahead. We grieve for those families who lost family members in the latest terrorist bombings, both American and Afghani. God, hear our cries, may your power come down and may your will be done. We also pray for those families who have been spirited to safety to a new country and homeland. Lord, may there be individuals and organizations that will step up in love and compassion, providing care as needed. And Lord, if that is a role you are calling us to fill, grant us courage and wisdom

Prayer Requests:

·       Thank you for praying for the other many spouses, children, and family members of our church community who are grieving the death of a loved one. Invite God to bring these individuals to your mind; invite Him to guide as to how you may reach out with support, care and love. Pray for God’s peace and presence to reign.

·       Continue to pray for Kara as she continues her sabbatical. May she find deep rest and renewal through the presence of God in her life.

Households of Faith: Praise & Prayer

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.” Eph. 6:18