May 16th, 2021

God of resurrection life,

in this Easter season we pray with gratitude for the gift of courageous imagination.

We pray with thanksgiving for dreams that seem impossible,  –  because we have begun to believe with you, all things are possible.

Thank you for your faithfulness through changing times and changing seasons.

You are faithful through all the stages of life.

For infants and children,  we pray that they may they be guarded from evil and be nurtured in love and grace

For youth with dreams and wild imaginations,  guide them on paths of purpose that build the world you imagined for humanity from the beginning of time.

            Help them through these days of interrupted education, 

help their teachers impart knowledge wrapped with wisdom

For all who awaken to go to jobs each day we ask for strength

For those who awaken but can no longer work because they have no job.

those who endure boredom at home 

because of lock downs, or illness  give patience and peace

In silence we name those among us who suffer from illness,  those who anxiously await test results,  those who are  recovering from surgery,  those who struggle with the stress and emotional anguish of life. Help each of these imagine walking on the road to wellness.

We pray for our Households of Faith.

They are patiently waiting for summer and a time when we can be with family and friends. May your love fill their hearts and home and grant them peace.

 Lord God we thank you for your church and calling us to be part of a supportive community. Thank you for Mennonite church Eastern Canada.  May its mission and influence be multiplied.  We pray for church leaders,  for Leah Reesor Keller. Thank you for her ministry gifts.  Continue to lead her as she leads MCEC.

As your people we pray for your world.  You have called us to be peacemakers.

Though conflict often seems far away and out of our control, you have filled our hearts with images of peace where lions and lambs live together safely.

We pray for Israel and Palestine.  May all people in that land learn to live as sisters and brothers.  May children of Arabs and Jews play together in safety and one day shape a country at peace.    

These things we pray in the name of the prince of peace. Amen

(prayer by Jamie Gerber)