September 6, 2020

Good and gracious God, here we are standing at a threshold.

A new church year lies before us.

A new school year lies before us.

The fall season including cooler days and autumn flavours lies before us.

You join with us at this threshold of new opportunity, as routines change and as congregational ministries and programs are launched anew. You join with us amidst the unknowns, the possibilities, each step of the journey.

You join with us and accompany us, providing strength and vision to step forward into familiar and unknown places to further Your mission.

At this threshold we give thanks for opportunities to serve, to worship, to teach, to learn, and to grow. Continue, we pray to make all things new. Give us courage and humility to faithfully follow You wherever you lead.

Bless Your church, amidst the challenges of this season and amidst creative out-of-the-box thinking. Make us bold to release that which has served its season and fill us with courage and vision to embrace the future you have prepared for us. We pray for wisdom, grace, and open hearts. We pray for the ministries of this congregation, congregational leadership and staff and ask your blessing upon all we do in your name. We pray for Leah Reesor-Keller as she begins her new position as MCEC Executive Minister. Direct and guide her.

Hear our prayer for those who stand in need of healing, hope and wholeness. Hear our prayer for those suffering due to emotional, relational, physical or spiritual pain. Hear our prayer for all impacted by covid, the sick, the grieving, health care providers, those waiting to return to work. May Your embrace of love be wide and strong.

We also pray for our Households of Faith. May their days be filled with meaning and purpose, their home a place where love dwells.

Good and gracious God giving thanks for all Your good gifts and Your promise to be with us, we offer all our prayers in the name of Jesus the Christ.