March 27, 2020

Today as we continue to pray our breath prayers we also pray with lament and hope. 

Together we raise our song with resolve: “I will hold the Christ-light for you in the night time of your fear.”

Consider lighting a candle each day for a specific person or situation.

Where is hope needed most? For yourself? For your family? For our world? 

“It feels like things are not ok

And this ‘thing’ will never go away

Life all around is caving in

And no-one knows where to begin

‘What-ifs’ and fears are on the rise

And nobody’s able to disguise

The sadness of this sudden change

To life, a routine; it’s strange

But sit a moment with that thought

Forget the things that you’ve been taught

For awhile there’s no rat race

A slower life put in its place

We suddenly have the space to stop

The cusp of spring still breaks its sleep

Our birds return to trill and cheep

And hope and kindness start to bloom”

(author unknown)

As we practice necessary social distancing, may our prayers draw us near to God as God draws near to us with hope and love.

holding the Christ-light for you,