April 28th, 2024

As we travel thru life and we pass milestones and mile markers and as we age we recognize that we may also be passing opportunities to be a giver and to offer times of service.  Just this week I read about and became aware of people that had passed on and was encouraged by what positive things were said about them.  I attended a funeral this week and it was encouraging and challenging to hear family members talk about how important this person was and how he was  always there for their family, young and old .  It made me think about what I what and what we do and how we may impact people’s lives every day.  What if our next actions were our last action?  Would they be considered a positive interaction. One that would positively affect a friend, a family member or even someone we don’t know.  I think we can all remember what it felt like when someone said a nice thing to us in passing or maybe held a door for us to enter.  When Jesus walked the earth he had many interactions with people he came in contact with.  Sometimes I think he went out of his way to interact with people and to make a difference in their life.  The women at the well, Zacchaeus, the high priests and even those who betrayed him to name a few.  In all those events were examples of love and purpose to try and make the other person better.  I believe these interactions were to show us how to act in the everyday world we live in.   It does not take much to say a nice thing to someone, help someone who needs a hand in tough situation or even hold a door a little longer.

  I have heard it said that when you look at tombstone that more important then the date of birth and date of expiration is the Dash . The Dash represents all the years between those two important dates.  How would I describe my Dash.  How would you describe your Dash?  We are all busy people or are overcome with personal challenges that distract us but could we pump the brakes and maybe pause and see how we should act, how God would want us to act.  How can we impact people positively the way the son of God did when he walked the earth?

Dear God , we come before you today and humbly know we have been:

– blessed by those who have said a nice thing to us in the past, 

– blessed by those who have done nice things  for us,

–  blessed by those who have stood with us in our tough and sometimes dark times where we felt alone .

– blessed by those who have given us a pat on the back for something we did right or accomplished.

– blessed by those who have had to push us and give words of encouragement to get going again.

 God we pray that while we have time and breath  that we may not miss any more opportunities  to show a return on these blessings. No matter our age or situation help us to be a light in a world that needs it, to say a nice thing to some who needs to hear it or do something for some who needs help. Thank you God for the opportunities that are before us this week.  Please don’t let us miss them. Help us to make our DASH a positive one.