April 7th, 2024

As a congregation we care for one another through prayer. Dear God, we pray to you with many prayer petitions that have been made known to us. We also pray for the many who hold their pain close to their hearts and only you know their needs.  We pray for our congregation in this time of transition. We feel you breathing new life into our congregation as we celebrate what it means to be a part of Wellesley Mennonite Church.  Be with our leadership, our board members, our search committee, our pastors, our administrator and our committees as together we strive to enrich the work of the church. Thank you for your ever presence as we look to you that we might see your guiding hand.

We pray with gratitude for the many who have experienced healing. May your healing hand continue to give strength and renewal in their hearts and minds. 

We pray for all those who continue to journey through health experiences.  We pray that you would be with the  medical teams who provide the care and guidance. The road to repair and healing can be very long and many of us need patience as we take the time needed to heal.

We pray for all those who are still looking for answers.