March 31st, 2024

As we migrate through another Holy week and as we anticipate and worship thought another Easter we have many reflections and thoughts that go thru our mind.  We again are reminded about the ultimate sacrifice you made by entering Jerusalem and then facing the very men and women that had exalted you before.  How could this happen?   I think we realize as we reflect on this where we have fallen and made the same mistakes that people made that fateful night.  We too have turned and said and done things that would be considered equal with shaming you.  We ask for forgiveness, and we recognize that there is hope for us and many more because you arose from the dead and again lived that we could have HOPE.  Perhaps that is why Easter is such a special time.  God, we ask that you forgive us for the times we have betrayed you in our actions and our words.  We thank you so much for being a God who knew us before we were in existence and how you knew we would fail.   We are more like Peter then we know or care to admit.  While we need to spend time reflecting on the crucifixion we are more thankful for your resurrection  and the hope it brings us.  As we take time to celebrate communion by drinking from the Cup (your Blood) and eating the Bread (Your body)  may me again reflect and realize the pain and suffering yet beauty and true meaning Easter brings.

We are very thankful for the ongoing work in the Congregation here at WMC and for the many hands and minds that have continued to guide us.  We give thanks for Pastor Clare and his ongoing ministry here at WMC.  May you continue to give him and Gloria strength as they serve in their roles here.  We are also thankful for the addition of Paul and Cathy Dyck as they accept the term as Interim pastor here at WMC .  Guide Paul as he gets to know us and stands alongside us a congregation.  Thank you also for the many committees, people and staff that continue to offer their gifts in the ongoing life here at WMC.  Please continue to give Wisdom and a listening ear to those working on Search committee as well as all those that offer support as we work to finding a New fulltime pastor for our congregation here at WMC. Continue to guide us as you have for over 50 years at WMC. 

As we listen and watch News from around the world, we recognize that there is turmoil near and far.  We continue to pray for our world leaders as they govern their respective countries.  May they understand and appreciate the extent of their decision, we pray for the many who are suffering in the middle east.  God somehow give them peace as they are thrust out of their personal environments.  We pray for those who have lost loved ones and are hurting because of loss.  Stand close to them. Closer to home we give thanks  to those who are caregivers for family members who are aging .  We are thankful for those that work in long-term care facilities and provide care for the aged.  Please give them a sense of value and worth.

Here at Wellesley Mennonite we want to continue to lift the needs and prayer concerns of our church family: