December 31st, 2023

At the dawn of a new year,
we come to welcome hope for a new world.

Let the darkness lift,
to welcome a dawn of plenty,
with enough for everyone
and people ready to share.

Let the day begin,
with new energy for the struggle
to protect our children
and to care for the vulnerable.

Let the light shine,
to open a path to safety
for all who are seeking home
and longing for life.

Let the sun rise
on new talks and new resolve
to end the bombing and the terror
and to find solutions that will last.

At the dawn of a new year
we come to declare our hope
and to welcome a new world. ~ written by Susan Durber

O God, there are many in our church community, our neighbourhoods who grieve today due to the death of a loved one, some in the past weeks and months, some possibly years ago. When a relationship of love is broken, the result is pain and grief. And we know you understand and feel our pain because Jesus we too read about your grief as you stood by the tomb of Lazarus.

God, be present in our grieving, grant comfort and healing to our brokenness, and remind us of our eternal hope. We give you thanks and praise.

We also lift up those who are in need of physical healing today. God, thank you for healing through the gift of medicine, the wisdom of doctors and nurses, and for the miraculous healing of your touch as a result of the prayers of your people. God, hear our prayers as we silently lift up individuals to your throne of grace.