October 29th, 2023

Thank you, God, for the joy of today.
It is still morning, and yet so many good things have come our way.

Thank you to all those who call this church home, in body and spirit.
Thank you for the joy of worshiping you, our Creator. We pray as a community of believers, a church family in your care, as we nurture and care for one another. We welcome our newest members and embrace our collective yearning as we desire to be disciples of healing and hope.

As we cling to the common threads that bind us together we are witness to the letting go of nature all around us. The clouds let go of moisture in rain and snow. Trees letting go of their leaves, revealing their naked beauty. The winds let loose and blow everything away.
As the days grow short, and the nights grow long, help us this week to have compassion for those who struggle to let go of fears; the fears of an unknown diagnosis; those who are embracing a loved one in order to let go,’ all who are suffering and in need of healing and comfort; all those who are grieving; the fears of the news of this world of all those who are fleeing bombs and bullets, and all people who live with the fear of violence.

God of hope, thank you that you are with us in all our fears,
and that you bring joy even in the midst of them.
Thank you for your faithfulness through time,
for the ways you have been there for us in the past,
and the assurance that nothing can separate us from your love. Amen

Adapted from: Leading in worship by Carol Penner