October 15th, 2023

Holy One, maker of heaven and earth,

you formed the mountains, the desert places, the fertile lands.

You created autumn colours, tart apples, refreshing rains,

and you made us.

You love us. You see us. You know us.

Thank you for guiding our lives and holding all of creation in your loving hands.

In the knowledge of your love and your power,

we bring before you our prayers for the world you love, the church you call, and the needs of our hearts.

Lord of all,

guide the leaders of our world and inspire wisdom for all making decisions.

Send your peace on earth the peace that comes from making justice.

May the weapons of war be laid down,

the dignity of all upheld. May the oppressed be set free.

Lord, oh how you must weep to witness the violence done in your name,

the violence we further through intolerance of differences,

the pride of privilege, complacency amidst injustice.

Lord, have mercy.

God of compassion,

in you alone we find our help.

you watch over all day and night,

you provide all we need.

Thank you for safety, security, and freedom

we so easily take for granted.

Thank you for harmonious relationships,

meaningful work, and this community of faith.

Grant us vision and courage to walk the path which you are leading us.

As we take the reimagining church road, we hold to the promise that you are

able to do abundantly more than all we could ask or imagine.

Our journey is in your hands. We place our trust in you!

Listening God, you are familiar with all our ways,

our greatest joys and our deepest pain.

You know our dreams and our hopes.

You know what causes us to stumble or stray.

Your desire for our flourishing is steadfast.

May your hand of blessing rest upon and uphold

those whose needs are deep,

those whose suffering or pain is known only to you.

Comfort the grieving,

Strengthen the weary.

Lead the wandering by your hand of grace.

Restore those whose hearts ache and burn.

Surround the lonely and the aged with your joy and hope.

Draw near to us as we draw near to you.

May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

We pray in Jesus, name.