August 27th, 2023

This summer’s worship theme has focused on “Seeking Peace Together.” Worship themes have included “Peace with God,” Peace with Self,” and today’s theme “Peace with Others.” When we sing, it is an act of peacemaking as is our practise of praying for the world God loves, the church God calls, and lifting our needs:

God of peace, we bow our hearts before you in prayer for this world that so desperately needs your peace. Here in this corner of the world, our lives are filled with bounty – fresh fruits and vegetables, clean drinking water, meaningful work, homes, and safety in our communities…..

and we are so deeply aware that peace can be fleeting and all the ways control can lead to conflict. Guide us we pray to make the difficult decisions required to be makers and maintainers of peace, in our families, our relationships, our workplaces, our neighbourhoods.

Listening God, we pray for peace of mind, body, and spirit body for those we love

and those whose needs we carry deep in our hearts.

Comfort the grieving

Grant courage to the despairing, the weak, and the struggling

Hold steady the troubled, the conflicted, the worried.

Be bright hope for those anticipating transitions,

new responsibilities, new places of learning or work.

Gentle all fears and light the paths you call us to walk.

May your healing touch and your comfort enfold and

restore the sick to health. We pray for peace within whom we share life aware how our actions can escalate or diffuse conflict. Lord, hear our prayer.

God of peace, we pray that conflicts within our community will be resolved in healthy, life-giving ways. We pray that the divisions and animosity present in our nation be eased; that people would listen well, think clearly, and speak with truth and kindness.

We pray for those in places of violence, that you would calm their fears and shield them from harm. We pray for all affected by raging wildfires – first responders, the displaced, and the weary. We also pray for those with power, that they will work toward the justice that leads to peace.

Holy God, we give thanks that despite our brokenness and the messiness of our own relationships your will is done. Your grace is sufficient. Your grace abounds. You are faithful and good. Bless your church, as we strive to walk in the shoes of peace.

We pray in the name of the Prince of Peace, Amen