June 11, 2023

Gracious, Holy God, we come to you this morning as your children, rejoicing in your provision, your care, and your calling on our lives. We praise you that you live in us by the Holy Spirit and rejoice that you call us to partner with you in ministering your grace and love to a hurting world.

We praise you because You call us to service; to be your eyes and ears, hands and voice in this, your world.
To open our eyes not only to the beauty and love which you create, but the injustice,
hate and suffering that humankind generates.
To open our ears not only to the chattering of this coming week,
but the searching, fears and questioning of all whom we shall meet.
To open our hands not only to those we choose our lives to share, but in welcome,
love and fellowship to all who you draw near.

To open our mouths not only to speak platitudes and simple words, but the truths you lay upon our hearts.
Your Word for this, your world.

You call us to service, to be your eyes and ears, hands and voice in this, your world. Oh God, give us willing hearts and courageous imagination.

As we praise you God for all that you will do in and through us, we also pray for Aiden, Jonas, and Sam as this morning they enter the water of baptism.

May the blessing of the three-in-one God be yours.

May the Spirit bless you with hope poured out like water and flowing as the river.

May Jesus bless you with discomfort at injustice and oppression.

May the Creator who holds the Earth as an artist holds brush and palette

fill your imagination so that you always find the world inspiring and wonderful.

May God in whose being beauty shines on you journey with you.

God says to you, “you are my beloved, Be blessed this day and always.”


God, hear us now as we offer our joys, our needs, and our prayers for one another in the name of your Son, Jesus.

We pray for our households of faith for this week – the Rath household, the Regier households. Pour out your love and grace on their lives.

We pray for those awaiting test results, follow up, and those recovering from surgery. Comfort the grieving and strengthen those walking with loved ones through the valley of the shadow of death.

Grant courage for those facing uncertainty, bright hope for those receiving treatments, peace for those living in pain.  May your healing touch and embrace of love sustain them.

  We hold in prayer all those affected by wildfires. We pray for shelter and an outpouring of support. We pray for peace in our world where war, violence, and fear reign. Oh God, enable us to live with courage and hope.

May your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Amen.