May 7th, 2023

Holy One, we give you thanks for all your gifts to us—

for daily food, for health, for each breath we take,

for freedom to choose,

and for the gifts of your Word, your power and your love.

Our hearts overflow,

as we consider how you have entrusted so much to us.

May we be worthy of that trust—

may we be a people who are unafraid to live

as fully and as richly as you want us to live.

Lord Jesus, as your followers

guide and strengthen us

to serve wholeheartedly,

live generously, love extravagantly,

even if it means being misunderstood.

May we always strive to do good

especially to those who have done us harm.

Spirit of God, we pray for the church gathered today,

both here and around the world.,

May each member be inspired,

to discover, develop and use all their gifts,

for the furthering of your mission.

We pray for our annual meeting today.

May we be open to your Spirit’s leading,

listening deeply, open to your transforming power.

We thank you today for each person who calls this church home.

For caregiving ministries, teaching and worship ministries,

Formation and fellowship ministries.

May our lives be enriched as we serve and grow in faith together.

Listening God, we also pray for those

who stand in need of healing, hope, and wholeness.

We pray for those who suffer, the lonely, the distressed,

the grieving and those who are journeying a hard path.

We pray for those living with addiction, anxiety, or worries,

those recovering from surgery or awaiting surgery,

those receiving treatment and those anticipating next steps.

We pray for the aged who live with increased limitations.

We pray for those journeying the shadow of death

and their families who hold them with love.

May we rest in the warmth and security of your embrace,

in the stronghold of your love.

These things we pray in the name of your Son, Jesus

who taught us to pray saying…Our Father……