March 26th, 2023

God of resurrection new life,

We are surrounded by a world of dry bones,

a world of death and despair,

a world where we lose hope in our structures, institutions,

and at times, one another.

We pray for this world in need of your life-giving hope.

We pray for creation groaning under the weight of

misuse, abuse, and the overuse of natural resources.

We pray for all people living through war,

oppressive political powers,

domestic violence, racism, homophobia.

God, who breathed life into dry bones,

We are surrounded by people with dried up lives,

people unable to see life past their tears.

We pray for all who stand in need of your healing presence:

the imprisoned, the lonely,

the aged and the young,

the grieving, and those who struggle to hold onto hope,

those living with cancer, and those struggling with addiction

and families who love and support them.

We pray for loved ones whose needs we carry deep in our hearts.

We name them before you now,

aloud or in silence………….

God of resurrection new life,

you long to unbind us that we may live fully alive,

in ways that bring you glory.

Free us we pray from all that keeps us bound:

resentment and shame,

fear or an unhealed past.

Open our eyes to the power of your resurrection power,

the mystery that transforms caterpillars into butterflies

and seeds into apple trees.

We confess that in our end is our beginning

in our time infinity

In our doubt there is believing,

In our life, eternity

In our death a resurrection: at the last, a victory

Unrevealed until its season, something you God alone can see.

God, who breathes new life into us, into your world,

call us forward to resurrection.

Call us to follow in the footsteps of your Son Jesus,

who taught us when we pray to say:

Our Father in heaven . . .