February 26, 2023

As we journey into this Lenten season, we pray for those who are being tempted:

tempted to look the other way when wrong is happening in their family, their workplace, their neighbourhood;

tempted to misuse their gifts for self-gratifying purposes;

tempted to allow untamed emotions to direct or do harm;

tempted by the corrupting power of money;

and those tempted to stay in a rut rather than strike out on new life-giving paths.

Generous God, steer us through times of temptation,

And deliver us from evil.

We pray for the many who feel pushed and tested almost beyond their endurance;

those in positions of heavy responsibility who feel overloaded;

or those pressured from all sides by factions in workplace or community;

suffering people–and all who must watch a loved one suffer– who feel they can bear no more;

kindly folk whose patience with a difficult friend is at a breaking point;

persecuted Christians whose faith seems stretched beyond their limit;

and the depressed and despairing whose inner being cries out for relief

Merciful God, steer us through times of temptation,

And deliver us from evil.

We also pray for those whose days are sunny and bright –

the happy, that their happiness may always be used for goodwill and compassion;

the strong, that their energies may be used wisely and gently;

for the rich, that their wealth may be shared generously;

for the powerful, that they may use their position as a blessing;

and those of strong faith, that they may act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with you.

Righteous God, walk with us and shape us

And deliver us from evil.

God of compassion, we also pray for each other – our households of faith for this week, those awaiting test results or appointments, surgery, or recovering from surgery. We pray for those who grieve and those walking with loved ones through the valley of the shadow of death. We pray for those whose burden is light and for those whose burden is heavy. Bring relief we pray.

Look upon us all with your loving eyes, test our anxious thoughts, shape us amidst testing to see you as you see us, beloved and good.

“save us from temptation and deliver us from all evil.”

Through Christ Jesus our Saviour. Amen