January 1st, 2023

“O beautiful star, the hope of rest, for the redeemed, the good, and blest, yonder in glory when the crown is won; for Jesus is now that star divine; brighter and brighter He will shine; beautiful star of Bethlehem, shine on.”

O God, we rejoice and give thanks for this season of Advent & Christmas, the wonderful reminder that you entered our world through the person of Jesus, providing to all humanity the gift of a Saviour. Thank you for beginning a process of restoration that night in Bethlehem; a process that will only be completed when Christ returns in majesty and glory to take His children home to a new heaven and earth. And God as we begin this New Year, while we recognize that the time of Christ’s return is uncertain, we trust in your perfect timing. Our prayer is that as you led the shepherds, and later the wise men, into the presence of Jesus by the light of the star, you would also continue to lead us to your throne of grace as individuals and as a church. We also would pray for many in our community, our families, our world, who have yet to come face to face with Jesus, that you too would lead them to your Son. God use a star if you choose, use us in spite of our weakness; but our prayer is that you would open the eyes of many to the reality of Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. O God we give you praise!

God, this morning we also pray for those who today are suffering with loss and pain. Grant healing and hope, pour your love through us as your children, may your grace be evident through the lives and actions of believers all around our world. We pray for peace to come in places of war; we pray for justice and righteousness to prevail; where there are ethnic tensions, bring renewal & understanding; may love overcome hate.

God, we would also echo the words of this prayer:

“Living Christ, in these times when we fear we are losing hope or feel that our efforts are futile,

let us see in our hearts and minds the image of your resurrection,

and let that be our source of courage and strength.

With that, and in your company, help us face challenges and struggles

against all that is born of injustice.

Amen” VT 1033

We praise you God for the significant health care available to us in this country. While there are challenges at times, we pray for all those who serve in the medical field and ask God that you would grant strength, wisdom, and perseverance as they serve. We also rejoice that you are the great Healer and as such we bring the following requests to you.

We pray for our loved ones who are experiencing limitations due to aging bodies and our loved ones in long-term care. Surround each family with loving kindness and grant deep measures of compassion and patience.

We pray for our Households of Faith:

In the name of Jesus we pray