September 25th, 2022

Merciful and Compassionate God,

You care for all your peoples, whether they are here around us or in far off places, you care enough to call people to share the good news of your love and grace.

You care about our country as we continue to live through a pandemic, as hurricane winds destroy homes and disrupt daily lives in the Maritimes, and as we prepare for a municipal election.

You care about countries like Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Russia whose needs are deep and where suffering is great.

You care about those who are sick, in pain, in treatment, awaiting test results, in long-term care homes. Your compassion extends to them.

You care about those who carry heavy burdens, broken hearts, those grieving, lonely and anxious, your compassion extends to them as well.

You care for the marginalized, the addicted, those in need of affordable housing, and parents who weep at night due to financial challenges.

You care for those who answer your call to lead, to preach, to teach, to administer, to share your Good News. Your compassion extends to us as well.

Forgiving God, like Jonah we resist when asked to tell the story of your love and mercy. We can feel awkward and inadequate. But you have called us to speak and to act, and to walk in the shoes of compassion and mercy with all. As your disciples as it has been for generations, help us to rise up and follow wherever you lead.
Hear us now as we offer our prayer as you have taught us ….

Our Father……….  Amen.

We pray for our Households of Faith.